Mission Impossible: Impending Doom Edition (with PRIZES!) 1

Hello, everybody!

I’m here to announce your Impending Doom. Or, at least, your Impending Doom, should you choose to accept it. Eons ago, Will created a challenge that is said to be so difficult that it’s nearly unsolvable. It took founders Elyot and Shalev each over twenty hours to complete it.


Our first stretch goal was met a few weeks after our Kickstarter campaign ended, thanks to Paypal donations at prismata.net/supporters

We’ll be publicly releasing the Impending Doom challenge and holding a contest to see who can solve it first. WARNING: it’s really, insanely, super-duper hard.

Event The IMPENDING DOOM “Impossible” Prismata mission challenge
Date Saturday, January 31,2014
Time 2:00pm EST
Prizes One-of-a-kind in-game badge, bragging rights, rare Prismata emotes

Now onto…

The Rules

  • At exactly 2:00pm EST on Saturday, January 31st, the mission will become available in Prismata (there will be a countdown in the Prismata client chat.)
  • Members of the Prismata community will race to be the first to solve the challenge.
  • The first person to clear the mission and email a screenshot of their victory to impendingdoom@prismata.net will be declared the winner.


Q: Can I stream myself participating in the challenge?
A: You can, but any progress you make could be giving hints to rival solvers, who might be tuning in.

Q: How hard is this?
A: Really hard. Ridiculously hard. It may take you all weekend. We’d be extremely impressed if anyone completed it in 3 hours.


The Prizes

  • First place: a one-of-a-kind in-game badge (and bragging rights for years to come.)
  • Top 10: a rare emote that is fitting of the challenge (think puzzle puns. Lots and lots of puzzle puns).