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Server reset happening on Monday! 1

Hi everyone. I have an important announcement to make!

We’ll be doing a reset of player rewards on Monday!

At 3:00am EDT on Monday, August 31, we’ll be taking the Prismata server offline to deploy a pretty large software update and reset player collections. Accordingly:

  • The Prismata server will be down for approximately 30-60 minutes.
  • Players will lose all skins/emotes they have collected so far (but will keep those unlocked using Kickstarter/Paypal reward codes).
  • Players’ current arena/armory status will be wiped.
  • Players will receive a rebate of Power Cores, Omnipower Cores, and Shards commensurate with how many have been earned so far.
A preview of some of the new features arriving with next week's update!

A preview of some of the new features arriving with next week’s update!


Our third new unit… Galvani Drone!

The third and final new unit that we’ll be launching tomorrow is an odd little thing that we like to call the Galvani Drone:

Supply: 10

Supply: 10

This unit is one of Will’s discoveries, and it’s insane. I could talk about it for hours. It’s incredibly powerful, but also incredibly skill-testing to use optimally (and to play optimally against). Will once told me that he thought it might have the highest skill ceiling of any unit in Prismata, and I’m not sure I disagree.

We had no idea what Galvani Drone’s supply limit should be. All of {4,10,20} seemed reasonable. We’re going with 10 for now, but I’m expecting that this unit has *a lot* of untapped potential (even though we’ve been playtesting with it for over a year!)

I look forward to all the interesting strategies and tactics that the Prismata community will discover with this new unit!


And one more thing…

We announced earlier this week that Drake would be getting a redesign from a 17BBB 3-attack unit to a 12BBB 2-attack unit. We neglected to also mention another change: we’ll also be reducing its HP from 5 to 4 in accordance with the unit becoming generally smaller.

Say hello to THUNDERHEAD…

Unit 2 of the 3 we’ll be adding this weekend is a biggie: say hello to Thunderhead:


Supply 1

Thunderhead might look a little ridiculous, and it is. At 5 attack and 10 health, Thunderhead is one of the fattest units in the game. It’s also one of the most expensive, being the first-ever Prismata unit with a GGGGGB cost. Of course, it comes with two huge drawbacks: Frontline, and Lifespan 3. This means your opponent can deal with your Thunderhead by either waiting it out, or shutting it down by dealing 10 damage to it. This makes it very tricky to time your Thunderhead purchase—buy it too late, and your opponent might immediately pop it for 10 damage. However, if you buy it too early, it won’t generate much value as a defender.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing with Thunderhead this Saturday! One more new unit reveal will be coming up tomorrow!



Summer alpha content update coming!

Hey everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be deploying a pretty big content update this weekend. The update will include:

  • New balance tweaks
  • Three new Prismata units
  • New skins
  • A *ton* of new emotes
  • Some new software features