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Here are some of the Casual Match bots, and what they do

Our new Casual Match feature is finally live!

Casual Match is the new Prismata mode, featuring unranked player vs player and bot play.


Casual Match was designed mainly for newer players, as well as the large cohort of players who frequently play Master Bot but don’t play much Ranked Play. The new mode offers more variety, as there are over 25 different unique bot personalities, some of whom are very tough! Wins in Casual Match mode earn you prizes. They also provide a bit of a boost if you’re trying to ascend through the early tiers of Ranked Play mode.


New Puzzles, Balance Patch, Collectibles, and More! 2

Hi everyone!

There’s a lot to talk about on the blog this week. I spent much of the past week assisting with some much-needed server improvements (and neglecting the blog accordingly) so I’ll be getting caught up by posting several articles this week (I’m aiming for three more posts in the next week, but we’ll see how that goes…).

Today, I’m going to speak rather generally about a bunch of different topics, and I’ll follow this post up with two other more in-depth postings later this week.


New Puzzles!

You may have noticed that two new single-player puzzle missions were added to the Prismata alpha last week—Lucina’s Rage and Cluster Conundrum. For the time being, these can be found in the “Tier 4a” Master Challenges in Combat Training.


The Cluster Conundrum puzzle mission, available now! This puzzle was the inspiration behind the recent Cluster Skirmish event from earlier this month.


Prismata’s Single Player Content: Part 1

As I mentioned in the last article, I’ve been spending much of my time lately working on single player content for Prismata while the rest of the team continues development on art/sound, the servers, the Windows/Steam version of Prismata, and new features. Today, I want to reveal a few more things about Prismata’s single-player content.

Let’s start with a little teaser from our first puzzle collection:

One of dozens of Prismata puzzles we're working on

Debug mode screenshot from one of dozens of Prismata puzzles we’ve been working on. Yep, that’s a 30/30 Overheat Ray!


April Fools 2016

So, you might have noticed that things were a little “off” last Friday…

For one thing, there were some extra special default base set skins:

In fact, we have a proud tradition of having a little experimental fun with Prismata on April 1st. We deployed a pack of totally radical units last April 1st, and some of them actually made it into the game (looking at you, Resophore). April 1st is often a great time to test out highly experimental features that likely shouldn’t be in Prismata, but might be fun to try out. This year was no exception, and we actually did a number of things, including the following:


Catch an early preview of the Prismata desktop build

Hi everyone!

We’re super busy preparing for the launch of our Windows desktop build next week, which coincides with a special event that I can’t talk about just yet.

If you’d like to try a prerelease version, we’ve posted one here. It’s more-or-less complete, though still a little rough in some places (one known issue is that Analysis mode doesn’t work.) We’ll be working throughout the rest of the week to polish it up, so if you have any comments or feedback (or run into any problems installing or running it), we’d definitely like to know!

That’s all for now (but check our twitter page if you missed out on the skin spoiler from last weekend!)Wildfire Vai Mauronax

Prismata Balance – Vivid Drone, Unit Stats, and a New Survey! 2

Hi all!

A bunch of random things to discuss this week…



First and foremost, we have another alpha player survey online. There are questions about skins/emotes, unit balance, the armory card-flipping minigame, and more. Please fill it out; your responses are extremely helpful!




We collect a huge number of statistics on Prismata units—how often they are bought, how often players win with them, and how balanced they are. In this article, I wanted to share a few of our findings.