Monthly Archives: February 2016

Space Skins Revealed!

Hi everyone.

We’ll be releasing a number of new skin sets soon. Here’s one of them: the Space skins!



The full skin set has been posted here.

More to be revealed in the upcoming weeks!

February 2016 Patch Notes – Part 2

Hi everyone!

This is part 2 (of 2) of the change notes for our February 2016 balance patch. Part 1 is here.

The patch will go live in the next day or two, no sooner than the end of Will’s constructed tourney (which you should all check out!)

In this article, I will discuss the following three additional changes not mentioned in the previous article.

  • Three new units!
  • Deadeye Operative being replaced by two different units.
  • A few lingering balance changes.


February 2016 Unit Patch Notes – Part 1

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on a new February 2016 Prismata Alpha unit patch that will go live within the next week.

With this patch, the total number of Prismata units will increase by 4. We are adding three new units, plus replacing the existing Deadeye Operative with two other units that replicate its current role.

I won’t be spoiling the new units just yet, but I do wish to announce the bulk of the balance changes that we’ll be deploying. We’ll not be deploying as many balance changes as last time, but some of the new things we’re testing are quite important.


A Message from Will Ma

Prismata co-founder Will Ma has provided us this week’s update, but he’s posted it on the Prismata subreddit instead of the blog. You can check it out here, alongside some comments from me and many other Prismata community members.

As well, if you’re feeling that things have been a bit too quiet lately, rest assured that we have TWO exciting new Prismata patches/updates coming very soon:

  • A game patch that will provide a few small balance tweaks, complete reworkings of some units (Deadeye Operative and Corpus), and a few new units.
  • A content patch that will add animated skins, some new in-game graphics, and more collectibles.

We’re also making a lot of progress on our “new user experience” (NUE) project, which includes a level-up system, tutorial content, and rewards for new players. I’ve posted some comments on the subject here, and we’ll be revealing more in future blog updates, so check back next week and later this month!