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Survey results, and our plans for Desktop and Mobile Distribution

Hey guys,

First off, I want to apologize for the lateness of this week’s blog post. On Tuesday, we deployed a new version of the software with some huge updates that massively improved Prismata’s load times, AI speed, and server efficiency. We’ve received a ton of feedback (mostly quite positive) and have been tweaking things non-stop all week to really smooth out the Prismata experience. So the blog took a bit of a backseat.

This week’s post is also an important one, so I didn’t want to rush it. I’ll be revealing the results of our post-Kickstarter “What should we work on?” survey, as well as talking a bit about some of our future plans for mobile and desktop distribution.

Before we get to the survey results, I’d also like to announce that we have a NEW SURVEY out concerning the balance of Prismata units. If you’ve been raging about Apollo, Cluster Bolt, or Deadeye Operative, this is your chance to let your complaints be heard. It should take about 10 minutes, but you can definitely spend a lot more time on it if you want!


The Survey Results

Remember the “What Should We Work On” survey that we asked you to fill out a few weeks back? Well, the results are finally in! After nearly 500 responses, we’ve compiled the data and can now share the results with you. So, without further ado, here they are:


What Should we Prioritize?

If you took the survey, you probably noticed that we asked the first (and most important) question of “what should we prioritize” twice, in two different ways. We did this in order to ask you what you wanted versus what you felt we should do. Both answers are really important to us, and we thank everyone who took the survey!


Mission Impossible: Impending Doom Edition (with PRIZES!) 1

Hello, everybody!

I’m here to announce your Impending Doom. Or, at least, your Impending Doom, should you choose to accept it. Eons ago, Will created a challenge that is said to be so difficult that it’s nearly unsolvable. It took founders Elyot and Shalev each over twenty hours to complete it.


Our first stretch goal was met a few weeks after our Kickstarter campaign ended, thanks to Paypal donations at

We’ll be publicly releasing the Impending Doom challenge and holding a contest to see who can solve it first. WARNING: it’s really, insanely, super-duper hard.

Event The IMPENDING DOOM “Impossible” Prismata mission challenge
Date Saturday, January 31,2014
Time 2:00pm EST
Prizes One-of-a-kind in-game badge, bragging rights, rare Prismata emotes

Now onto…


Help Improve Prismata’s Wiki… and Win Awesome Prizes! 1

Prismata’s greatest strength has always been our community. Since its creation two months ago, the Prismata Wiki has blossomed into one of our greatest community resources for information concerning Prismata. The Prismata Wiki has become a hugely important resource for both beginners and experts alike, as it contains a wealth of information on every unit in the game (basic tips, advanced strategies, and even build orders).


The Prismata Wiki contains a lot of really cool stuff, like this massive unit table! Click for the full table.

We want to make Prismata’s Wiki even better by getting even more people from our community involved! Hence, we’ve decided to run a wiki-editing contest.

Yes, a contest. The kind with prizes!

Anyone who makes a contribution to our Wiki in the next month will receive a new rare emote (“I learned that from the wiki.”), and the top contributors could win a Prismata T-shirt, or the chance to develop their own Prismata emote! More information below.

To kick off the contest, I’ve also written up my own highly-detailed article on one of my favourite Prismata units—the Hellhound. It’s pasted below; feel free to use it as a model for your own articles, or even improve it! (more…)

The Future of Prismata’s Art 1



Hey, guys!

I’m going to jump straight into this post. It’s going to be about Prismata’s overall graphical look, and how we’ll be upgrading it as time goes on. We get a lot of questions along the lines of “Why don’t you have good art like Game X?”, where Game X is typically a work by a AAA developer with a budget in the millions. Even though these types of questions may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, we do intend to improve our graphics to the point where we are competing with the best-looking strategy games and card games out there. In the next year, you’ll be seeing big updates to our user interface, look and feel, animations, unit art, and tons of other aspects of Prismata’s appearance. Today, I’m going to explain our plans.

Before I get to that, let’s first take a look at the competition.


The “What Should We Work On” Survey (Plus Kickstarter Final Results and Other News) 2

Hey guys!

Athough the weather outside is frightful (an “Extreme Cold Warning” in is effect with wind chills below -30 here in Waterloo), we’ve been huddled in the office getting tons of stuff done! We’re working hard on the Prismata campaign, new social and expressiveness features, improvements to graphics and sound, and all kinds of other stuff.

To help us determine how to best focus our efforts, we’ve prepared a quick survey. We want to know what you think, where our weak areas are, and what to prioritize. Your input is invaluable to us and we’ll be personally reading every single response. Take the survey now!


New Faces at Lunarch

The break has ended, we’ve all had a great vacation, and the Lunarch office is again filled with people busy working on Prismata. Our last interns, Whinnie and Rachel, have returned to school, and their shoes have been filled by two new faces—Tom (returning developer co-op from last summer) and Megan (who will be helping grow our community).

Please give a warm welcome to Tom and Megan, who will be  getting us lunch and making our coffee for the next four months.

Please give a warm welcome to Tom and Megan, who will be getting us lunch and making our coffee for the next four months.

More news and updates below…


Happy New Year! Updates, an exciting announcement, and a PUZZLE CONTEST!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a bit quiet lately since Kickstarter ended! We’ve all been taking a much needed holiday break, which for me has meant catching up on sleep, and playing tons of video games with my family. Everyone here at Lunarch will be back to work next Monday, eager to start building in all the new Prismata features that we’ve been dreaming about over the break. I’m excited!

This blog will be a random dump of updates, thoughts, and answers to some questions we’ve been getting often. I’ll also be announcing a new funding milestone, plus a mini PUZZLE CONTEST that I’ll be running this weekend!