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Help Improve Prismata’s Wiki… and Win Awesome Prizes! 1

Prismata’s greatest strength has always been our community. Since its creation two months ago, the Prismata Wiki has blossomed into one of our greatest community resources for information concerning Prismata. The Prismata Wiki has become a hugely important resource for both beginners and experts alike, as it contains a wealth of information on every unit in the game (basic tips, advanced strategies, and even build orders).


The Prismata Wiki contains a lot of really cool stuff, like this massive unit table! Click for the full table.

We want to make Prismata’s Wiki even better by getting even more people from our community involved! Hence, we’ve decided to run a wiki-editing contest.

Yes, a contest. The kind with prizes!

Anyone who makes a contribution to our Wiki in the next month will receive a new rare emote (“I learned that from the wiki.”), and the top contributors could win a Prismata T-shirt, or the chance to develop their own Prismata emote! More information below.

To kick off the contest, I’ve also written up my own highly-detailed article on one of my favourite Prismata units—the Hellhound. It’s pasted below; feel free to use it as a model for your own articles, or even improve it! (more…)