Achievements are coming!

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This week, we’ve been polishing up another brand new Prismata feature—Achievements!

Each Prismata achievement will earn you an equippable badge, even if you're not on Steam.

Each Prismata achievement unlocked will earn you an equippable badge.

Steam Progress

Before we get to Achievements, I want to give a quick update on Steam. The Steam version of Prismata is actually coming together surprisingly quickly. In the last couple of weeks, our dev team has managed to incorporate the Steam installer/updater, Steam login, Steam friends, the Steam Wallet, and yes, the much-requested Steam Achievements.

We still have lots of QA work remaining, but everything seems to work so far! We’ll be initiating some more expansive closed testing soon.


Achievements In Prismata

Prismata will have dozens of Achievements, both challenging and whimsical. We’re currently in the process of populating the list of achievements, designing achievement badges, and programming the achievements themselves. Here are a few that we may or may not be working on:

  • Prismata Master – Reach Tier X
  • Antima Annihilation – Deal 20 or more damage with a single Antima Comet
  • Drone Genocide – Create 1000 Forcefields
  • Blitz Maniac – Win 5 games against Master Bot with a time limit of 12 seconds per turn or less
  • Never Lucky – Flip three strikes in your first three flips in the Black Lab
  • Loonark Plz – Score 98 points when opening a Power Core in the Armory

Achievements will also be available to players outside Steam, and each achievement will unlock an equippable badge for players both inside and outside of Steam. The Badge Menu will be receiving a cosmetic overhaul as well.

The Tier X Master Badge

The Tier X Master Badge


Achievements Are Awesome

Achievements are great for Prismata, especially on Steam, because they generate popups on the Steam social network that help advertise Prismata by celebrating player accomplishments in the game. For this reason, it’s great to have plenty of achievements, especially those that will occur randomly in the normal course of play.

Got any cool ideas for an achievement that you’d like to see in Prismata? Let us know!

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