Prismata Highlight Reel: “What the f*** is going on in this game?”

Welcome to the Prismata Highlight Reel—a new series showing off some of the most epic games we’ve played! These matches test the limits of what’s possible in Prismata, and show some of the most out-of-the-box play that we’ve ever seen. For our first instalment, we’ll count down the top three craziest games played by Elyot during the Twitch stream (be sure to follow us if you want to catch the stream live!)

3. “I have a 9-turn time limit to get something going!”

This was the very last game played at the tail end of a 7-hour-long stream by Elyot. He was up against poker legend Mike “Timex” McDonald in Blitz Mode (12 seconds per turn), but the game lasted more than 20 turns. What ensued was one of the most cutthroat games in Prismata history, with an absolutely unpredictable ending. (Hint: one player lost all of his Drones 10 turns before the game ended.) Watch the replay, and catch the #1 and #2 highlights below.




2. “That was actually clutch! Holy shit!”

I don’t want to spoil this Elyot versus David game for you, but I will say it is Epic. With a capital “E.” Here’s what happens when a game of Prismata gets to be 1 unit away from a draw:



1. “The only choice is build a Cluster Bolt or don’t build a Cluster Bolt.”

Out of all the crazy games played in the last 2 weeks, this Elyot vs. Timex game will have you saying “WTF?” like no other. I’m pretty sure you can see Elyot go through the 5 stages of grief as this game progresses… Plus, watch in full screen to see Alex go crazy in the chat.



More Prismata highlights will follow in the weeks to come. If you want to catch the games as they happen, check out our Twitch channel, and don’t forget to follow us so that you’re notified whenever we go on the air.


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