The top arena runs in Prismata so far…

Quick post, just wanted to dump an interesting stat that Alex and I pulled from our analytics.

Here are the best arena runs from Prismata so far:

[name] [number of medals]

weiseguy  66
Synx  63
KurasuFan  60
Synx  57
silverspawn  57

 Kurasu  54
Allroc  53
Arkanishu  51
Arkanishu  51
Kurasu  51
zzz  51
Arkanishu  50
Kurasu  48
MasN3  48
roz  48
silverspawn  48
weiseguy  47
AlexanderJohan  45
Apooche  45
Br0wnRing  45
Colors  45
DarkEmi  45
LuckyLuckLuc  45
Sixsmith  45
Will  45
joelleftball  45
keshava  45


Nobody has made it to the "CENTURION CLUB" yet... who will be the first?

Nobody has made it to the “CENTURION CLUB” yet… who will be the first to hit 100 medals in a run?

Congrats to all the players above for their amazing performances!

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