New Units are Live!

Hi everyone!

Our new patch has been deployed. Along with the balance changes discussed earlier this week, we’ve also added 4 new units to the game:

These units will be available immediately in Ranked Play and event modes. We’ve increased their frequency of appearance for a few days so you’ll get to try them out. We’ve also increased the frequency of Thermite Core and Centrifuge, two units that were radically changed in the patch.

We hope you enjoy playing with these new units. Our next major update will come in a few weeks, and include Campaign Chapter 2!

About Elyot Grant

A former gold medalist in national competitions in both mathematics and computer science, Elyot has long refused to enjoy anything except video games. Elyot took more pride in winning the Reddit Starcraft Tournament than he did in earning the Computing Research Association's most prestigious research award in North America. Decried for wasting his talents, Elyot founded Lunarch Studios to pursue his true passion.