Daily Archives: June 3, 2015

Welcome David! Thanks for making Prismata run 7x faster! Here’s how he did it.

Hi everyone!

This is a bit of a cop-out of a blog article, because I’m ridiculously sleep-deprived and have been way too busy over the last few days to do a satisfactory job with part 3 of the “Balancing Prismata Openings Through Unit Design” series. So it will have to go up a little later.

I hope you’ll forgive me, especially considering that you folks got a bonus article last week when I discussed Prismata’s performance rating formula (incidentally, if you’ve been following that discussion, it seems we’ll be going with the “Netzero” system, which was both my personal favourite solution, as well as the most popular on reddit.)

In any case, today’s article will focus on some of the amazing work that one of our devs has been doing to improve Prismata’s performance.