Daily Archives: July 28, 2015

No blog this week… but something else instead!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly announce that there will be no blog this week.

Instead, head over to n4g.com tomorrow (July 29th) as we will be featured as part of their Indie Game Month! There will be a guest post by me.

Also, some changes to arena rewards will be coming soon! We got some fantastic feedback, so we’ll be making some modifications:

  • More consistent drops after arena runs (less variance).
  • Easy-to-understand rarities that display the level.
  • A better inventory with tooltips showing what everything does, and a replacement of the old decimal point notation for Power Cores.
  • Daily bonuses! Free Power Cores and shards for your first few wins of the day.
  • Updated art.

More info to come!

Also, here are some ninjas! We’ll be adding them soon.