New patch, new units!

A new patch arrives soon!

As promised, a new Prismata balance patch will deploy this Friday at 11:59pm ET. Three new units will be added the Prismata unit collection, and they’ll appear with a higher-than-average frequency on the ladder throughout the weekend.

Here are two of the new units, both featuring build time 2:

Lancetooth - supply 10

Lancetooth – supply 10

Ferritin Sac - Supply 10

Ferritin Sac – Supply 10

The third new unit will be revealed on Friday, making its long-awaited return. It has a brand new start-of-turn ability that hasn’t been seen on a Prismata unit since early April, and its new ultimate click ability will make your opponent wince in fear every turn if you use it enough times. Prismata will never be the same.

Full patch notes, including all buffs and nerfs, will also be made available tomorrow.

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