Five Awesome Hacks for Exhibiting your Indie Game at PAX or GDC 1

In the last few weeks, three huge North American gaming conventions have come and gone: GDC (March 2-6 in San Francisco), PAX East (March 6-8 in Boston) and SXSW Gaming (March 13-15 in Austin, Texas).

Prismata—our upcoming designer strategy game—was represented at all three conferences, so I felt like a good post-mortem post was in order.

However, after seeing so many other wonderful post-mortem articles go up (like Jotun’s and Juicy Beast’s), and having done one ourselves last year for our trip to FanExpo, I felt like doing something a little different. So instead, I’m going to highlight five small things that made a huge difference in the overall value we got out of our exhibitions, either by saving us cash, preserving our sanity, or by increasing the awesomeness of our booth.

Call them “life hacks for indie game exhibitors”.