Daily Archives: June 24, 2015

Let’s talk COLLECTIBLES! 1

Hello everyone!

Until now, there have been only two types of unlockable content in Prismata: badges—given to our crowdfunding supporters, ambassadors, and tourney winners—and equippable emotes, the tool of choice for congratulating (or BMing) your opponent after a game. However, we’ll soon be massively expanding the availability of unlockable (and collectible!) items in Prismata. Today, I’m going to outline some of our plans.

The eventual plan is to have five different kinds of unlockable collectibles in Prismata:

  1. Skins – equippable alternate art for each Prismata unit
  2. Emotes – both graphical and text-based in-game emotes
  3. Badges – to display status or commemorate outstanding in-game achievements
  4. Avatars – selectable display portraits
  5. ****** – (something secret that we have not announced yet)

Details on each of these are provided below. As usual, none of our plans are completely final, but we’d love to hear your feedback on what we have in mind!